Trying to look back to when it all started, i’m not sure I can pin point one specific time when I became interested in photography or the idea of images. I had a high school class, a friend whose uncle owned a photography studio and thought that was cool. In high school my friends and I used to create makeshift darkrooms in our garages. Whatever it was, one day something clicked and this click sparked an insane passion for images.

I love them. I love how they can make your body feel something the instant that you see one. I love what each person's experiences bring to the table when they are viewing an image. How the same image can be perceived so completely different by different people. It's interesting to discover and explore these contrasts of perception.

I love challenging boundaries, my own and my viewer's. I feel like I cared about this very idea much more when I was younger and I'm finding that person again. I’ve missed him. It's what keeps us all creating, the thrill of a challenge, the absolute fear of failure, the rush when you realize that fear is usually an illusion we all create for ourselves.

I love to explore themes of isolation, loneliness, beauty in solitude, empowerment, confidence, desire, voyeurism… My hope is that people will see the spark that I continue to develop and nurture each time I press down on the shutter. Whether it's film, digital, phone, box camera, plastic camera or whatever I can get my hands on to make an image, I'm forever searching, creating and feeling through these images.

I am currently available for personal and commercial collaborations as well as portraiture, pet photography, editorial/art style wedding photography and/or pretty much any project where my style lends itself to the final imagery.

Archival Prints

All images are available for purchase as high quality archival pigment prints, c-prints, carbon bw and in some cases silver gelatin prints.

All prints are printed in our studio, or with our supervision, to exacting standards. Available in a variety of editions as well as paper options with sizes ranging from 8x10 to 60x60. Please inquire for specific details, pricing or to arrange a private viewing.


Model inquiries can be made through the form on the contact page.

Additional Services

Beyond commercial photography, our studio offers additional services which include fine art digital capture or scanning for original artwork, commercial drum scanning, image retouching & enhancements, custom cmyk color work, giclée printing (fine art digital or archival pigment printing) as well as portfolio print/web design services.

Please visit my other websites and for more information.

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